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This is the main page of the Shiverthorn server wiki.


Shiverthorn is the new RPG, multi-world server hosted and owned by Darxness. The server has been under development for several weeks and a lot of things are still under construction, either it is an idea, a place, a plugin or a building. Our server is running a lot of plugins and more are being installed every day to make sure that your time here is optimal.

Just about all of the content on the server has been planned and built by the three leading members: The owner, Darxness. The architect, F1DJ, and the Master Builder and Moderator, TwinDrags.

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    New page: Hello Guys I Miss You, I Like Play MP3 Edit Music and Video Downloader, Play your streaming free with
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    New page: Edit Add a photoDarx: I have been asked time and time again, what plugins do i run of the server and what do they do. So heres a quick describtion...
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    New page: Edit Added by Darxness What is Spout? [SPOUT]"Spout, formerly BukkitContrib, is a framework to bridge the ever-widening chasm between single player...
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